Flying Cars in Singapore

13 May, 2019 • 2 min read
Flying Cars in Singapore
Source: Forbes

We previously wrote about Singapore becoming a hub for electric cars. Now, it is unveiling a flying car.

Flying cars built in Singapore

Homegrown company Neo Aeronautics is currently developing a single-passenger aerial vehicle, named the Crimson S8.

While the car can fly, it is not yet ready to take human passengers.

Like a car, but no pilot license needed

The vehicle is designed to fit into the US Federal Aviation Administration ultralight category, which means that no pilot license is required to operate it.

It can fit into a standard carpark and fly at a height of 15m, carrying a 100kg load at a maximum speed of 100km/h.

At its present developmental stage, the vehicle can fly for 20 minutes but the company has plans to increase this to 60 minutes.

Launching in the US, not yet in Singapore

Founded by Adjunct Associate Professor at the National University of Singapore Neo Kok Beng in August 2018, the firm is planning to begin testing flights in the US by March 2020 and targets a presence in 25 cities by 2025, with 1,000 units in each city.

While Singapore regulations prevent the company from launching here, Professor Neo hopes regulations could evolve time to accommodate aerial vehicles.

Will flying cars become a reality?

Few topics interest the world as much as air transportation does. Earlier this year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk teased the possibility of a flying Tesla with a GIF of a levitating car.

Uber announced its Elevate project back in 2016, with ambitious plans to develop and commercially deploy air taxis by 2023.

Closer to home, German company Volocopter is set to conduct trials for air taxis in the second half of 2019.

Steer can service your (non-flying) cars

Unfortunately, none of Steer’s workshops are able to service flying cars yet.

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