Parking Fines: How to Avoid, Appeal and Pay

15 Nov, 2019 • 5 min read
Parking Fines: How to Avoid, Appeal and Pay

Receiving a parking fine can ruin your day.

According to the URA, approximately 260,800 notices are issued are each year.

With more than 600k cars in Singapore, approximately 1 in 2 cars will receive a fine for illegal parking each year.

How much is my parking fine?

Parking illegally is not getting cheaper with authorities increasing parking fines on 1 July, 2019. This revision comes after 18 years of unchanged parking fines.

If you have been unfortunately fined for parking, you can check and pay your parking fines here .

Here is a list of parking violations and penalties:

How to avoid parking fines?

Comply with parking rules: The best way to avoid parking fine is to simply comply with parking rules, which can be found here (LTA) and here (HDB).

Use the app: This app allows motorists to pay for parking remotely and even get refunded if the full duration of the parking is not used. This helps to avoid issues such as forgetting to buy parking coupons.

Speak to your parking warden: We do not recommend violate parking rules but when you do (for whatever reason) and see a parking warden at your car keying in your vehicle details, you can ask him or her to let you off the hook.

How to appeal?

Sometimes parking illegally could be unavoidable due to an emergency.

Fines can also come from different organizations and you should check if you are appealing to the right organization.

Generally speaking, we find that appealing to HDB tends to be more flexible than LTA when it comes to appeals.

Appeals can be done here (HDB), here (URA) or here (LTA).

To maximize your chance of a successful appeal, you should:

1) Explain your reasons for violating parking rules clearly
2) Provide as much information as possible
3) Provide photographic evidence if possible
4) Most importantly, apologize and be polite

Save money on parking fines and car servicing

We hope this article has saved you from getting fined and/or helped you appeal your case.

You can save on car servicing too. One of the many ways to do so is to find the right workshop for your car.

Simply chat with us to get quotes or recommendations or discover suitable workshops here.

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