Your Next Car Could Be Electric

24 Apr, 2019 • 5 min read
Your Next Car Could Be Electric
Source: Bloomberg

Dyson Making Electric Cars In Singapore

Dyson, known for its vacuum cleaners and hairdryers, said in October 2018 that it will be setting up an automotive manufacturing facility to built electric cars in Singapore.

The first Dyson electric car is slated to be rolled out by 2021.

According to CEO Jim Rowan, Dyson’s existing presence in Singapore, as well as the country’s advanced manufacturing expertise, factored heavily into its decision to set up a facility here.

Shortly after the announcement, in January 2019, Dyson announced it was relocating its corporate HQ to Singapore.

Singapore Becoming An Electric Car Hub = Cheaper Electric Vehicles

Dyson will not be the only one, according to managing director of the Singapore Economic Development Board, Chng Kai Fong.

EDB is in the midst of convincing other electric vehicle makers to set up facilities in Singapore by promoting its highly skilled workforce, open trade policies and well developed intellectual property laws.

Companies known for their electric cars include Tesla from America and BYD Auto from China.

More traditional automakers also have their lines of electric cars, such as BAIC’s EC-Series, Nissan’s Leaf, Toyota’s Prius Prime, Mitsubishi’s Outlander PHEV.

Steer believes as more electric carmakers set up facilities in Singapore, electric vehicles will become more affordable since there is no longer a need to import which incurs costs.

More Charging Terminals

Starting from 23 April 2019, electric car sharing company BlueSG will allow private electric cars to be charged at 99 of its terminals across 25 locations in Singapore.

The company previously said it will open up 20% of its target network of 2,000 for public use by 2020.

Cheaper Maintenance Bills

According to a study by automotive data company Cap HPI, electric vehicles cost an average 23% less to maintain.

As the proportion of electric vehicles increase in Singapore, Steer expects more workshops to train mechanics to properly maintain electric vehicles.

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