A Step By Step Guide To Deal With Car Accidents

22 Aug, 2019 • 4 min read
A Step By Step Guide To Deal With Car Accidents

Car accidents can cause a lot of anxiety. It is important to know what to do immediately after a car accident. Here’s a guide to your car troubles, brought to you by Steer.

1) Always keep your cool

Being involved in a car accident is a terrible experience and we hope you never have to deal with it.

However, if you are involved in one, the best way to deal with the situation is to stay calm, whether it is your fault or not.

2) Assess any injuries

Cars are expensive but safety is priceless. Always check for injuries on you or anyone else involved in the accident.

Do not attempt to move any injured person(s) or vehicles.

Call the appropriate hotlines for help immediately if you cannot handle the situation:

Police: 999
Emergency Ambulance & Fire: 995
Non-Emergency Ambulance: 1777
EMAS Vehicle Recovery Service: 1800 2255 582
Traffic Police: 6547 1818

3) Collect evidence

The best way to make a successful claim to your insurance company is to provide evidence and we recommend you to take photos of the accident.

It is important that your photos are taken from different angles and distances from the car. Generally, the more photos you take, the better. This helps to provide context to your claim assessor.

Ideally, your car should not be moved after the accident.

4) Obtain particulars

Whether or not you are at fault in the car accident, always obtain particulars of the other involved parties.

Ideally, you should collect the involved parties’ 1) Full name, 2) NRIC number, 3) Telephone number, 4) Insurer details. You can do so by snapping a photo of the other parties’ NRIC number.

5) Reach out to your insurer

If the car accident is not a result of your fault, contact your insurer and provide as much information as you can so that a claim can be made against the other party’s insurer.

If you are responsible for the accident, you can decide to 1) make a claim and lose your No Claims Discount (NCD)1 or 2) forgo the claim so you can keep your NCD.

6) Fix your car

Some insurance policies include car towing services, so check before hiring one yourself.

Before hiring any tow services or repair workshops, check with your insurer if they are authorized. Using unauthorized services might void your claim.

You can search and book workshops on Steer, where the over 1,000 workshops can fix any problem you might have. Chat with us if you’d like any recommendations.

1 What is a NCD?

NCD stands for No Claims Discount. Your insurer reduces the premium you pay for the following year on the condition that you don’t get into an accident. It is their way of rewarding you for being a careful driver.

Typically, NCD discounts 10% off your premium cumulatively every year until 5 years. i.e. no accident for 3 consecutive years = 30% discount of insurance premium.

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